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Professional services

Cookery Staff Upskilling

We come to you and deliver training direct to your staff based on the needs of your buisness. Paying staff to go off site for training that isn't 100% relative to your buisness is expensive an ineffective. Having spent 7 yrs as a culinary trainer I am all too aware of how to achieve effective results when upskilling staff. The topics we cover are not those traditionally taught in the traditional Tafe system**

Sous Vide Training            
Learn about this amazing technique, it can revolutionize the efficiency and consistency of any proffesional kitchen.

$600 + food costs  (based on a 3 hour training session)                    

Artisan Baking for Restaraunts
Let us show you how to produce amazing Artisan Breads suitable for production in a busy commercial restaurant kitchen can be conducted using either a Combi, Conventional or Brick oven. 
$800 + food cost
 (based on a 4 hour training session)

Fresh Cheese Production       
Fresh cheeses can really add something special to the menu. Types can start with a simple Ricotta or Lactic Curd and for the more dedicated Feta and Chevre
$1200 + food cost
(based on 2 X 3 hour sessions)

Basic Foundation T
If you have staff who could benifit from a recap on the basic foundation techniques such as looking at the methods of cookery specific to your menu we can help.
 Price varies based on requirments

Modernist Cuisine
Spherification, Gelling agents, Foams Syphon product, Pacojet, Liquid Nitrogen and modern chefs pantry ingredients.                         
Price varies based on requirments


**Please note this is uncertified training. The purpose of which is not to gain a certificate but to make your staff more knowledgable and effective in thier work.

Chef Tournant

If you are a restaurant on the Mornington Peninsula and you find yourself short staffed try calling us before you call one of the large agencies. We don't mind short notice.

Competitive rate $60 per hour / Minimum 6 hour


Menu Planning Assistance

A good menu is the most important aspect in a competitive restaurant. Creating a good menu can be daunting and mistakes can be costly. So wheather you are a new venture who wants to get it right first time or a seasoned operator looking at a fresh start, we can help to steer you on the right path.

We look at the following to help develop the best menu for your restaurant.

  • Type of establishment and location
  • Profile of customers
  • Skill set of staff
  • Suppliers
  • Equipment and space
  • Feedback from key stakeholders

Once your menu has been created we conduct staff training and dry run's to ensure that execution of the menu maximizes your potential for success.

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